1. Cadets should never have hats on inside a building unless under arms.

  2. When an officer enters a room, cadets present will stand at attention until the officer directs otherwise or leaves the room. When more than one cadet is present, the first to notice the officer commands: "Attention".

  3. When an officer enters a room used as an office or recreation room, those at work or play therein are not required to come to attention unless addressed by him.

  4. A junior when addressed by a senior stands at attention during the conversation unless specifically directed to do otherwise.

  5. When walking with a senior, the junior's position is on the left. It is the responsibility of the junior to stay in step with the senior.

  6. This tradition originates from the centuries when men fought with swords. Since most men are right handed, the heaviest fighting occurred on the right. The shield was on the left arm, and the left side became defensive. Men and units who preferred to carry the battle to the enemy, and who were proud of their fighting ability, considered the right of a battle line to be a post of honor. Therefore, when an officer walks or sits on your right, he is symbolically filling the post of honor.

  7. In entering an automobile, the junior enters first from the right side. Others follow in reverse order of rank, the senior ranking person being the last to enter. In leaving the vehicle, the senior goes first and others follow in order of rank. The governing factor is that the senior should be so positioned that he will leave the vehicle first.