The salute is always rendered by a junior on reporting to a senior. He will also salute at the termination of the conversation or upon leaving.

  1. Reporting Indoors, Unarmed: When reporting to an officer in his office, a cadet removes his/her headdress, knocks, and enters when told to do so. Upon entering, he/she halts about two steps from the officer, salutes, and says "Sir, Cadet ____ reports to _____." using names and grades. For example, "Sir, Cadet Pvt Jones, AB reports to CPT Smith." or "Sir, Cadet Pvt Jones, AB reports to the company tactical officer as directed." The salute is held throughout this statement and is not dropped until returned by the senior officer. The cadet will take a seat only if invited to do so. When the business is completed, the cadet salutes, and after the salute has been returned, executes an about face and departs.

  2. Reporting Indoors, Under Arms: When the cadet is under arms, the procedure prescribed above is followed, except that the headdress is not removed. When carrying the rifle, the cadet enters with the rifle at the trail, halts, and renders the rifle salute at order arms. Otherwise, the hand salute is rendered.

  3. Reporting Outdoors: The procedures remain as above except that a cadet armed with a rifle may carry it at right shoulder arms. The rifle salute is permitted by local custom and is rendered with the rifle at right shoulder arms.

  4. Departing: When a conversation has been completed, a cadet should salute, about face, and depart.

  5. Reporting to a Civilian Member of the Faculty: A cadet reporting to a civilian member of the faculty follows essentially the same procedure prescribed above, but omits the salute.