Windows Software Updates

The VMI Information Technology Department routinely reviews existing processes and procedures to ensure your system remains safe and secure while still maintaining the same end-user friendly experience you’ve come to expect. 

We recently replaced the aging anti-virus application on your system. As a result, we have observed a significant drop in malware related issues in the environment. Now, we are announcing significant improvements to the process of routine software update and patch installations. These improvements include: 

  • Extended deployment options 
  • Enhanced notifications 
  • End-user automation options


Extended deployment options 

To better fit your schedule, you’ll now have the option of delaying deployment of software updates for up to two weeks. Once updates are tested and approved for installation, you get a full two-week grace period to install them. At the end of the grace period, the updates will be installed automatically and any necessary reboot will occur.

Enhanced notifications 

Pop-up notifications will remind you that updates are pending. You will receive pop-up notifications during the grace period reminding you of pending software updates. As the end of the two-week grace period nears, the notifications will become more frequent. We recommend completing the software update installation as early in the grace period as possible. 

Here is an example of the pop-up notification (your actual date and time will be different)

Windows Updates 1

We understand that software updates are an inconvenient but a necessary disruption in your daily routine. This improvement will lessen their impact. 

 Proceeding with the Installation Prior to the End of the Grace Period 

Double click the icon in the system tray (box with green arrow) The following screen will be displayed. Check the “Apply all required changes now” or “Apply all required changes outside my configured business hours” and click “OK” 

Windows Updates 2

The following screens will be displayed during the installation, at the end of which you may be prompted to reboot your computer.

Windows Updates 3

End-user automation options 

 Not worried about the timing of software updates? We’ve got you covered. The updates will install automatically on the date and time shown on your pop-up (see example above). However, if you want to decide when these first updates install (as well as all future updates) YOU can now choose when to automate the software update installation. In “Custom (Advanced)” options, you have the option of setting what frequency you want approved patches to be applied automatically.

Windows Updates 4

Windows Updates 5