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Software Installs in Labs


Policy Regarding Requesting Software Installation In Computer Labs 


The purpose of this policy is to outline the procedure to request and have applications deployed in computer labs. The necessity of this procedure is to insure that all courses and instruction in the computer labs occur without trouble due to unexpected and hurriedly installed software applications. Application conflicts and errors can affect not only the individual using the newly installed application, but those using previously installed applications as well.

Computer security in the labs does not permit individuals to install or modify applications. Only members of the IT Department may install or configure software.



  1. The Professor requests software installation through the Help Desk.
  2. The Professor provides the software and any licensing information to IT.
  3. The Professor meets with IT staff if necessary regarding application requirements.
  4. IT staff loads software onto model computer and performs testing
    1. Test for proper operation of new software application
    2. Tests for proper operation of previously installed applications
  5. Professor meets with IT staff member to test new application and verify proper operation if the install warrants such extended testing.
  6. IT deploys software in the lab either by individual installation or re-imaging the lab


Request Procedure Policy:

  1. All software requests should be made through the Help Desk. 
  2. To ensure a stable installation, adequate testing, and composite disk imaging of all requests, requests for the fall semester should be made no later than the middle of July
  3. To ensure a stable installation, adequate testing, and composite disk imaging of all requests, requests for the spring semester should be made no later than the end of November
  4. Special considerations:
    1. If the determination is made that a new or updated application that was not previously known about is needed.
      1. The same procedural outline above will be observed with the addition of the following changes:
      2. Upon delivery of the software to IT a one week period of time may be expected before meeting to test the application on the test computer.
      3. Upon successful testing of the application a one week period of time is expected before the application is deployed in the lab. Time to deploy may be delayed if class and lab schedules do not permit satisfactory scheduling to work in the lab. Extensive installations requiring the lab to "re-imaged" will have to be scheduled during an academic break.