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Tips for Creating Your Password

  1. Don't use any actual word or name in ANY language.
  2. Don't use consecutive letters or numbers like "abcdefg" or "1234567".
  3. Combine first letters from a phrase.  Lines from poems or songs often work well.  Examples:

    Four score and seven years ago                                  4x&7Ya
    December & January are two cold months!                   D&Ja2cm!
    !Ten citadel boys equals one VMI Cadet                       !10cb=1Vc
    For the record, not one slacker graduates                     Ftr,n1sg
    my second General Order is:                                       m2ndGOi:
    two times four + eight is Sixteen                                  t*4+8iS
    (These examples may not be used as your password)

  4. Remove vowels and consonants from words.  Take a short phrase and take out all the vowels or consonants.  You will need to add numbers and non-alphabetic characters to get a good password.
  5. Link small words.  By adding a number of non-alphabetic character and mixing capital and lower case letters, you can create a password that is fairly easy to remember.
  6. Create pseudo words.  Link one or two consonants followed by one or two vowels and repeat the pattern.   The idea is to come up with a "word" that sticks with you but that does not appear in any dictionary.  You will need to add numbers and non-alphabetic characters to get a good password.
  7. Choose random characters by feel.  Those who can type very well can frequently choose a password based on a sequence of keystrokes that feel natural.  These passwords are usually very secure, but can be very hard to remember.
  8. Passwords based on personal information that another person could reasonably learn are not good.  Do not use all, part, or combinations of your: birthdate, name, hometown, nickname, pets name, social security number, phone number, or address.
  9. Change all account passwords at the same time.
  10. Password descriptions