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John A. Adams Center

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Virginia Military Institute
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Other Initiatives

Since 2004, the Center has sponsored annual contests for papers on the U.S. military in the Cold War.  Beginning in 2011, the Center intends to support a Cold War scholarship with dissertation grants.

The Adams Center believes that its work dovetails with that done by organizations such as the McCormick Foundation, the Cold War International History Project sponsored by the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars and service repositories like the Air Force Historical Research Agency, the Military History Institute, and the Naval Historical Center.

Sun Tzu concluded, “The highest excellence is to subdue one’s enemy without fighting at all.” By this yardstick, the United States during the Cold War led the western world to one of the great triumphs in history. Given the obvious pertinence of that struggle to the current challenges facing the United States, the Adams Center hopes that its efforts will help preserve the past in order to open a window on the future.