Karen Moore
Executive Secretary

P: (540) 464-7317
F: (540) 464-7665 

Virginia Military Institute
223 Cormack Hall
Lexington, VA  24450

Chad A. Joyce

Physical Education

M.S. - Old Dominion University
B.S. - Springfield College

314 Cocke Hall
Virginia Military Institute
Lexington, VA  24450
P:  (540) 464-7558
F:  (540) 464-7665
E:  joyceca@vmi.edu  

Capt. Joyce has been teaching at VMI since 2002. He is also the assistant director of Rat Challenge and is primarily in charge of overseeing the onsite activities, with oversight of the Low Initiatives.   Additionally, he is the director or Teacher Education at VMI. 

Capt. Joyce’s teaching responsibilities include: boxing, swimming, wrestling, volleyball, tennis, basketball, combatives, Principles of Conditioning, racquetball and CPR. 

Capt. Joyce’s area of focus is on the benefits of outdoor adventure programs such as Rat Challenge as they pertain to first year cadets. He also has an interest in exercise intervention in chronic disease. 

Capt. Joyce received his Bachelor’s degree in Physical Education from Springfield College in 1988. He received his Master’s degree in education from Old Dominion University in 1998. He is currently finishing up his Ed. D. at the University of Virginia in higher education administration. He lives in Lexington with his wife Leslie and their three children - Mitch, Bryan and Elsa.

Office Hours:  Capt. Joyce is available throughout the day or by appointment. Please contact him at: joyceca@vmi.edu or by phone (540) 464-7558.