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Institute Report, May 2005  
By Wendy Lovell
Special Correpondent

Forty-one proposals have been accepted for VMI’s 2006 Summer Undergraduate Research Initiative. The awards are supported by the Jackson-Hope Fund, several departments across Post, and individual faculty members, and they represent a variety of majors.

The following cadet/mentor pairs will pursue research in biology: Maj. Leah Stands and Cadet Jeremy Adams ’08, Col. Richard Rowe and Cadet Reza Eftekhar ’09, Maj. Robert Humston and Cadet Brett Carpenter ’08, Lt. Col. Wade Bell and Cadet Eri Kamura ’07, and Humston and Cadet Brant Priest ’07.

In civil engineering, Maj. Charles Bott and Cadet Robert Russman ’07, Col. Grigg Mullen and Cadet Matthew Saccone ’07, Capt. John Riester and Cadet Neal Sutliff ’07. Bott has been awarded external funding to support cadets Komgrit Kotcharaksa ’07, David Riedel ’07, Hunter Phillips ’07 and Wesley Thomas ’07 in the SURI program, as well.

In chemistry, Col. James Turner and Cadet J. Casey Brown ’09, Maj. Daniel McCain and Cadet Michael Kim ’09, Lt. Col. Judith Cain and Cadet Hershel Lackey ’07, Col. Henry Schreiber and Cadet Randall Life ’08, Turner and Cadet Stephanie Mills ’08, Lt. Col. Stanton Smith and Cadet Matthew Rexford ’07, and Col. Daniel Pharr and Cadet Jay Tomsyck ’07.

In electrical engineering, Col. Shawn Addington, Maj. Wilbur Dale and Cadet Isaac Putnam ’09.

In English and fine arts, Col. Alan Baragona and Cadet Ryan Hopping ’07, Col. William Badgett and Cadet Vincent Noel ’07, Col. Meredith Bell and Cadet Addison Palanza ’07, and Lt. Col. Roger Thompson and Cadet Bret Wilhite ’07.

In history, Col. Malcolm Muir and Cadet Joel Enterline ’08, Dr. Eric Osborne and Cadet Whitney Matthews ’07, David Coffey and Cadet Daniel Stinnett ’07, and Sgt. Bradford Wineman and Cadet Patrick Young.

In math and computer science, Col. Robert Bennell and Cadet Jeffrey Dudas ’07, Col. Myke Gluck and Cadet Joshua Gemedschiew ’08, and Lt. Cmdr. Daniel Joseph and Cadet Joseph Pickenpaugh ’08.

In mechanical engineering, Col. Timothy Hodges and Cadet Thomas Cunningham ’08, Cmdr. Robert McMasters and Cadet Eric Esparolini ’08, and McMasters and cadets Casey Grey ’07 and John Sollock ’08.

In modern languages and cultures, Brig. Gen. Alan Farrell and Cadet Michael Golike ’07, Patricia Hardin and Cadet Laura Hash ’07, Col. John Cerkey and Cadet Nohelia Martin ’08, and Farrell and Cadet Andrea Walton ’08.

In psychology and philosophy, Col. Thomas Meriwether and Cadet Justin Bishop ’07.

In physics and astronomy, Maj. George Brooke IV and Cadet Gregory Schwartz ’07, and David Allen and Cadet Robert Jordan ’08.

SURI supports the goals of the VMI Undergraduate Research Initiative (URI), which aims to more fully integrate student scholarly inquiry into the VMI experience by promoting educational development through the close association of faculty mentors and their students.