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Institute Report, September 2007  
By Sherri Tombarge

The Jackson-Hope Fund, an academic initiative of the VMI Foundation, will address one of the goals of Vision 2039, the VMI Leader Development Program, starting next year.

The fund will support the hiring of three new faculty members to develop and teach a new core curriculum course in leadership, which cadets will take in their third- or second-class year.

“It is heartening to see the Jackson-Hope Fund … assist in bringing one of Vision 2039’s goals to fruition,” said George G. Phillips Jr. ’60, Fund board chairman. “By doing so, the Fund’s donors and overseers are proving themselves responsive to VMI’s evolving academic needs.”

The endowment of the Fund has received $35 million in gifts and pledges, more than two-thirds of its original objective of $50 million, and nearly $5 million has been spent in support of academic programs.

During the current academic year, grants from the Fund totaled $1,414,000.

“A resource like the Jackson-Hope Fund is the dream of many colleges,” said Brig. Gen. Charles Brower, dean of faculty. “At VMI, it is making possible advancements and innovations that simply would not be possible without it.”

“Working with the Foundation, the Jackson-Hope board has embarked on an effort to complete the task of meeting its goal of a $50 million endowment,” said George P. Ramsey III ’72, former president of the VMI Foundation. “Doing so would mean more than $2 million a year in support of academic innovation at the Institute and, thus, a vastly improved education for the Corps of Cadets.”

The fund was established in March 2001 during the Reveille: A Call to Excel fund-raising campaign. Reflecting the original purpose of the Jackson-Hope Medal, established in 1876 to honor the highest academic achievement by cadets, the fund was created to foster academic excellence at the Institute.

Those interested in making a gift to the Fund should contact Warren J. “Buddy” Bryan at the VMI Foundation by phone at (540) 464-7287, ext. 236, or (800) 444-1839; by fax at (540) 464-4545; or by e-mail at bbryan@vmiaa.org.