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Institute Report, April 2009
By Wendy Lovell

The Summer Undergraduate Research Institute selection committee has accepted 35 proposals for VMI’s 2009 program, which will run from May 19 to July 24.

The projects are funded by the Jackson-Hope Fund, VMI Research Laboratories, and the department of chemistry. They represent nearly all disciplines and will support faculty in various stages of their careers and students in different years of their cadetships. The committee, which was led by Col. Rick Kilroy, professor of international studies and political science, and Patricia Hardin of the Department of Modern Languages and Cultures, considered 49 applications.

The following cadet-mentor pairs will pursue research in biology: Maj. Paul Moosman and cadets Karsten Bloomstrom and Marlena Hawes, and Maj. Anne Alerding and Cadet Roy Hunter. In chemistry, Lt. Col. Daren Timmons will mentor Cadet Jerry Hickey, and Col. Henry Schreiber, Cadet Taylor Godsey.

Capt. Ned Riester and Cadet Elizabeth Carlos will work together on a civil engineering project. In electrical engineering, Col. Jim Squire will work with cadets Joseph Johnson and Timothy Graziano. Maj. Wilbur Dale will mentor cadets Thomas Carnes and Andrew Woloshuk, and Col. Shawn Addington will partner with Cadet Christopher Mayberry. In mechanical engineering, Col. Joe Blandino will work with cadets Justin Brinkman and James Bost, Maj. Ryan Taylor with Cadet Travis Travis, and Col. Howard Arthur with cadets Conard Knight and Christopher Leach.

In international studies, Kilroy will mentor Cadet Saif Vazquez, and Maj. Dennis Foster, Cadet Adam Green. In economics and business, Maj. Sam Allen will work with Cadet Stephen Cary.

In mathematics and computer science, Maj. Lea Lanz will partner with cadets Marshall Jarrett, Mikyle Nikmard and Jason Barnes, Col. Vonda Walsh with Cadet Kathleen Underwood, and Cmdr. Dan Joseph with Cadet Caleb Gibson.

Col. Robert McDonald will mentor Cadet Even Rogers in an English and fine arts project. Col. Geoff Jensen will work with Cadet Jorge Tellez in history, and Hardin with cadets Sarah Halnon and Fredy Jurkowitsch on modern languages and cultures projects.

In psychology and philosophy, Maj. Glenn Sullivan will mentor cadets Hope Hackemeyer and Carl Josey, Lt. Col Keith Kline will mentor Cadet Cody Davis, and Maj. Dave Cotting, Cadet Christine Beach.

In physics and astronomy, Maj. George Brooke IV and Lt. Col. Greg Topasna will work with Cadet Berley Rister, Brooke with Cadet James Ray, Lt. Col. Daniela Topasna with Cadet Gerald Popko, Dr. C. Wu with Cadet Daud Semalulu, and Lt. Col. Daniela Topasna and Lt. Col. Greg Topasna with Cadet Frank Powell.