Wetmore Fund

The VMI Center for Undergraduate Research has programs that provide funds for cadet research.

The Wetmore Fund for Cadet Research

The Wetmore Fund provides funds, up to a maximum of $300.00, for procuring supplies to initiate research projects.  Priority will be given to projects initiated during the academic year.  The committee seeks to allocate funding equitably to cadets across departments.

To request funds, submit the Wetmore application and include all requested information (see below).  Incomplete applications will be denied.

  • a brief (half-page to a page) project description, written by the student to reflect his/her understanding of the project
  • a short, signed letter of support from your supervising faculty member that indicates the faculty member’s support of the project
  • a budget that includes 1) an itemized estimate of expenses and 2) an explanation of how each item will be used in the proposed research

If your project is being funded by multiple sources, include a statement clarifying which part of your project Wetmore will fund and which funds will cover the rest of your research.

For cadets working as a team on one project (with the same faculty mentor), include all cadet names on one application.

Sample Wetmore Application