Guidelines for Manuscript Submission Humanities and Social Sciences Division

The body of the manuscript should include the following components in this order with capitalized titles heading each.

  • Title, author, class, major, mentor's name
  • Abstract: Fewer than 300 words. 
  • Manuscript Text
    • Must be fewer than 6000 words (about 25 double-spaced pages) total, excluding tables, figure legends, and Works Cited/Consulted.
    • Use 12 point Times New Roman font for all standard text. 
    • Use double line spacing and left-justification throughout the manuscript. 
    • Page margins should be 1” on all sides on all pages.
    • Do not include headers, footers, or pagination.
    • Documentation format should follow guidelines for the applicable academic area.
    • Footnotes and endnotes must be entered manually.  Submit a separate Word file with all footnotes or endnotes.
    • Tables: Each table should be identified by a caption that begins with its number (Table 1.) and describes its contents succinctly.  The caption text should appear above the table and aligned with the left edge of the table.  Table caption text should be 10 point Times New Roman. Tables must be saved as high resolution image files and submitted separately.
    • Figures:  Figures should be identified by a caption that begins with its number (Figure 1.) and describes the figure succinctly.  The figure caption text should be 10 point Times New Roman and centered below the figure.  A separate high resolution image file for each figure must be included when the paper is submitted.
  • Acknowledgments:  Acknowledge any grants (VMI, extramural, etc.) that provided funding for the project.  Academic scholarships to the cadet author (ROTC, etc.) should likewise be acknowledged.  Keep this section brief, and limit mention to those individuals who contributed directly to the completion of the research or preparation of the manuscript. 
  • Works Cited/Bibliography: Entries should be limited to all those references cited in the paper and formatted according to the reference guide used by the academic field in which the manuscript is being submitted.

Here are some helpful videos created by the College Writing Center at Daytona State College that provide step-by-step instructions for formatting in APA and MLA using Word 2010.

APA (youtube): 

APA (accessible): 

MLA (youtube): 

MLA (accessible): 

  • Works Consulted: The Works Consulted includes all other works the cadet used to do the necessary research, that is, those additional sources that were consulted but not directly cited.