Three essays appear in the 2009 electronic version of New Horizons: VMI Journal of Undergraduate Research. The work of the cadet researchers represented here underwent the same rigorous review process as those writers whose work appears in the print edition of the journal. 

Tracing the End of History from Kant to Kukuyama:The Implications for Neoconservative American Foreign Policy and Global Leadership
Cadet Michael Mozelle
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Malcolm Muir, Department of History 

Green Luxury: A Viable Pair: Marketing the Chateau Lake Louise as Environmentally Responsible in an Effort to Capitalize on the Growing Green Consumer Demographic
Cadet Gregory Ronan Hersh
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Roger Thompson, Department of English and Fine Arts

The Mathematics of Barcodes
Cadet Christopher M. Boyls-White
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Troy Siemers, Department of Math and Computer Science