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Merit Scholarships 

Merit scholarships are important because they help VMI attract young men and women who have the potential for high academic achievement and the aptitude to thrive in VMI’s challenging environment. They also let VMI reward those young people who thrive under VMI’s academic challenges. 

They bring even more benefit to VMI’s academic program. The presence of high achieving cadets in classrooms spurs other cadets to improve their academic performances and gets them thinking in new, broader ways.  In short, this program improves the overall academic experience of every cadet.

Need-Based Scholarships 

Ensuring that a lack of money never prevents a deserving young person from attending VMI and reaping the benefits of a VMI education is one of the Institute’s most cherished traditions.

However, the cost of providing the singular set of experiences known as a VMI education is high and continues to increase. Furthermore, VMI’s status as a national school magnifies non-Virginian cadets’ financial need because, by law, VMI must charge them higher tuition than it does Virginian cadets.

For these reasons, the expansion of the financial resources available for need-based scholarships always will be a priority for VMI.