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Selected Resources

Ballantyne, C. & The Teaching & Learning Centre of Murdoch University (2002). Multiple Choice Tests. Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) are usually used to test a student's ability to recall information, to interpret data or diagrams and to analyse and evaluate material. 


Edwina Higgins and Laura Tatham, Manchester Metropolitan School of Law“Exploring the potential of Multiple-Choice Questions in Assessment”
Abstract: This article explores the potential for using MCQs for assessment in a subject discipline in which MCQ testing is not universally accepted as valid. Some of the advantages and misconceptions associated with MCQ tests are explored, and in particular we look at ways of testing more than knowledge-acquisition. Two examples are drawn on: a paper-based summative assessment on the Post-graduate Diploma in Law and web-based formative assessment exercises in WebCT on a unit on the first year of the undergraduate law degree. We conclude that the potential for web-based formative assessment makes it worth investigating the use to which MCQs can be put in testing intended learning outcomes, and make suggestions for further reading. 

Assessment in Higher Education
The following site has a good set of references on multiple choice testing. Some of the sources are on how to write a MCQ, while some of the sources discuss how to use MCQ for assessment purposes.

The Field-tested Learning Assessment Guide (FLAGuide: ) is a rich source of information about assessment. There is a good discussion on developing and using Multiple Choice Tests in assessment.