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Preston Library Emergency Evacuation Plan

Preston Library Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP) Evacuation & Accountability Teams 

The Building Coordinator for Preston Library is Col. Don Samdahl and Lt. Col. Susie Hastings is the Alternate Building Coordinator.  The responsibility of the Building Coordinator for COOP is to ensure safe evacuation of personnel from the building in the event of an emergency. If the Building Coordinator is absent the Alternate will assume this responsibility.

In an emergency the Evacuation and Accountability Teams will ensure that:

  1. All patrons in your assigned areas are evacuated from the Library
  2. Handicapped persons are evacuated or moved to Areas of Rescue Assistance
  3. All Library staff members are accounted for

 Floor Plan showing staff emergency evacuation assignments 

Floor Evacuation Teams. (team leaders in bold) 
650, 600  Col. Janet Holly, Ms. Susan LeMert, Maj. Accacia Mullen
500, 550

Lt. Col. Susie Hastings, Ms. Tonya Moore, Ms. Sherry Teague,
  Maj. Tom Panko stationed at Circulation Desk

400 Maj. Michael Brickler, Ms. Cathy Wells
300 Col. Diane Jacob, Ms. Mary Laura Kludy, Maj. Rachel Maderik

In an emergency, the alarm should sound via the phone system, email, and an outside loud speaker. Evacuation Teams will go to their assigned floors to facilitate evacuation of patrons and determine if there are handicapped personnel who cannot use the stairs or need assistance. Evacuation Teams should try to help them to a safe area as it is unlikely that additional assistance will be available.

When floors are cleared we will assemble in a designated assembly area and conduct an accountability of personnel. The designated assembly area may be the Parade Ground or the 300 level, in the event of a tornado warning. The Evacuation Team leaders will report to the Building Coordinator regarding personnel who have been moved to an Area of Rescue Assistance. The Building Coordinator will report the status of the Library to the chain of command.

A fire situation is a special case with special procedures. The fire alarm will sound, and library staff should exit the building immediately. They may help others in their path but should not detour to check other areas. The alarm will clear the building, and fire fighters responding to the alarm will check Areas of Rescue Assistance.

Updated June 2013