Meeting Rooms

Turman Room

  • Maximum occupancy:  80
  • Reservations must be made 48 hours in advance of planned event. Contact here.
  • $20 charge for all outside groups
  • Symposium touch screen with full multimedia capabilities, electronic projection screen, ceiling mounted projector, computer: Individuals reserving the room are responsible for contacting Media Services 48 hours in advance for equipment use
  • Reserve the Turman Room--Reservation Request Form

Projection Room

  • Maximum occupancy:  20
  • Reservations, contact here.
  • Room is equipped with a television, VHS and DVD players, and projection screen

Computer Lab

  • Maximum occupancy:  20
  • Arrangements are made with Reference Librarians
  • Equipped with 20 networked computers, projector, and screen

Group Study Rooms

  • Six group study rooms on 600 level
  • For use of two or more individuals
  • Available on a first come first serve basis, not reserved

300 Level Meeting Room

  • Maximum occupancy: 15 
  • Reservations contact here
  • Network connection, electronic projection screen, ceiling mounted projector, laptop computer