Henry Stewart Collection

Over a fifty year period, Henry M. Stewart, Jr., VMI Class of 1935, assembled one of the world's great antique firearm collections. Many of the pieces in the collection are one-of-a-kind or the only known surviving example of its type. Over 350 U S government patent office models relating to firearms are also included in the fascinating collection.

Some fifty rare pieces illustrating the mid 19th century search for a successful revolving cylinder firearm are on exhibit in the museum.

The total collection numbers over 800 pieces and is available to serious researches by appointment. The museum has plans to place the entire collection on public exhibit. The collection includes: the air rifle carried by Lewis and Clark during their 1803 Northwest Expedition; the Artemus Wheeler Revolving Carbine--one of four purchased by the US Navy in 1821; several cased Colt Patterson firearms; and a fully engraved Porter Rifle.