CE307 - Properties of Engineering Materials and Lab

Professor Wakeel Idewu is teaching the CE 307—Properties of Engineering Materials course and lab this fall term.  The course is a study of mechanical properties of engineering materials with special emphasis on Portland cement concrete.  Materials that will be studied include wood, metals (steel and nonferrous metals), plastics, glass, clay, bituminous materials and Portland cement concrete.  Materials testing, specifications, and design are examined through both classroom and laboratory work. 

The course work in CE-307 is designed to accompany laboratory exercises to maximize the learning experience. The pictures shown were taken during an aggregate testing laboratory exercise.  Cadets continue to receive hands-on experience with testing materials that play a large role in the strength and quality of structures such as dams, bridges, buildings, roadways, railways, etc. Future labs involve designing and testing concrete cylinders and beams, testing the mechanical properties of steel, and classifying the types of failure in wood specimens under an applied load. 

307-students-work-problem  scale-in-307-lab 
rock-samples-in-307  student-adjusts-image