Mr. Jeff Parrent - CEE Lab Mechanic

 jeff-parrentAlways cheerful, and a familiar face to cadets and faculty alike, Jeff Parrent  is the backbone of the working system for labs in the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department.   Since 1993, Jeff has served diligently in answering all types of calls from faculty and cadets.

Just a few of the many tasks that Jeff performs are installing, repairing and maintaining equipment for the seven civil engineering labs, assisting in the design and construction of experiments, and even gathering hard hats and other equipment needed for field trips. 

Jeff is a native of Rockbridge County and graduated from Natural Bridge High School.  After graduation he worked at Blue Bird, a bus manufacturing company in Buena Vista, as well as for local contractors.   His industrial and residential work experience allowed him to bring with him to VMI a  wealth of machinery and equipment knowledge.  

Jeff, and his wife Lori (who is General Peay’s secretary), live in the Brownsburg area of Rockbridge County.