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Cadet Uniform Hot Tips

The following hints are provided to assist you in maintaining a "full seabag" of properly fitted uniforms:


  1. Tie your laundry bag properly before throwing it out. As many as 25% of the bags are popping open on the laundry trucks. If your garments don't have your laundry number on them and they become separated from your bag, then they end up in the Laundry's Lost and Found on the second floor of Richardson Hall (one floor below the pick-up rooms).
  2. When authorized a replacement garment for one that's no longer serviceable, pick it up in a timely manner. Authorizations have an expiration date ( usually one week after issuance), and if they are not picked up in a timely manner, a "failure to comply" bone will be issued. Most of these garments must be turned in at graduation and if they are missing at that time, you will be billed for them.
  3. Don't loan out (or allow others to borrow) your uniforms. A BR who asks to borrow uniform items is not properly maintaining his/her own uniforms. By loaning your uniforms out, you'll probably end up short yourself!
  4. Exchange ill-fitting uniforms promptly. Don't keep wearing them until they become unserviceable. You can expect restriction on alterations of blouses and coatees until all new cadet uniforms are finished, but pants and shirts can be exchanged as soon as fit problems are noticed. You will probably have a bit of a wait at the beginning of the year due to the number of cadets who change sizes over the summer, so allow enough time for your fittings.
  5. Email Ltc. David Williams, your uniform customer service representative, if your uniforms don't come back within one week of turning them into the laundry. Cadets occasionally pick up the wrong uniforms from the Laundry, and cadets with adjacent pick-up spots will be e-mailed to check their wall lockers.
  6. Inventory your uniforms promptly after returning to school. Requests for replacements for "summer shortages" must be submitted to Ltc. David Williams by 15 September. After that, you will be told to "replace at your own expense."