VMI Police Department

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Safety on college campuses is a concern for all students and parents, and this is no less a priority at VMI than at other colleges.

Because of the nature of the school, the close proximity of buildings on the Post (campus), cadet rules and regulations, the living area of the Corps of Cadets, and the cadet honor code, campus security is handled somewhat differently than at most colleges.

Though VMI's main campus amounts to about 200 acres, housing for the entire student body, the vast majority of academic and administrative buildings, and well over half of the faculty and staff housing, is situated around or near the 12 acre parade ground.

The size of the Corps of Cadets is normally about 1,600 a faculty over 170, and a total staff of 530 employees. No students live off post, and the school is located in the City of Lexington with a population of approximately 7,000.

Chief of Police: Michael L. Marshall