Dr. Mary Ann Dellinger (Colonel)

Dr. D's Courses

Spanish Language Courses

  • SP101-SP102: Elementary Spanish (photo)
  • SP201-SP202: Intermediate Spanish 
  • SP303W: Spanish Composition & Conversation
  • SP307: Spanish for Research (*)

 Core Curriculum Classes (Spanish and English) 

  • SP204X: Intermediate Spanish for Business (*)
  • SP210X: Image and Meaning in Contemporary Spanish Film (taught in English*)
  • SP316WX: Contemporary Spanish Cinema (*)
  • SP387WX: The Spanish Civil War as Text (taught in English) (*)
  • SP388WX: The Spanish Civil War as Text (*)
  • SP450: Capstone Course in Spanish

Special Topics Courses in Spanish  

  • SP312: Civilization and Cultures of Spain (*)
  • SP316W  (Topics in Spanish):  "¡No pasarán!": Culture and counterculture in Francoist Spain (*)
  • SP316W  (Topics in Spanish):  Exile and Immigration in the Hispanic Experience (*)
  • SP322: Hispanic Cinema 
  • SP428: US Latino Literature and Culture (*)

Literature Courses in Spanish 

  • SP305W: Survey of Hispanic Texts
  • SP411: 19th Century Peninsular Literature
  • SP426: Contemporary Peninsular Literature I
  • SP427: Contemporary Peninsular Literature II (*)

(*) Course created and piloted by Dr. Dellinger