Colonel W. Wayne Neel

Courses Teaching Fall 2008

  • ME305W - Materials (Writing Intensive)
    The atomic structure and microstructure of engineering materials.  Classroom and laboratory analysis of the physical properties of metallic and non-metallic compounds; ferrous, nonferrous, ceramic, polymer, and composite materials.  Material stress-strain diagrams, fatigue, creep phase diagrams and heat treatment diagrams will be emphasized.
  • ME427 - Introduction to Automated Manufacturing Systems
    Introduction to computer-aided manufacturing.  Familiarization with standard manufacturing processes.  Study of commercial CNC programming languages, CNC mill operation and CNC lathe operation, and pick-and-place robots.  Extensive hands-on-operation of robots, CNC units and machinery.  Open-ended design of manufacturing processes and design for manufacturability.  Prerequisites:  ME305 and ME 109.
  • ME443 - ME Design Competition
    The first semester of a two semester sequence.  A cadet team will design and building a working device in order to compete in a national design competition.  This first course is intended to be coupled with ME444 in the spring semester.  Prerequisite:  Permission of department head.
  • ME461 - Independent Research
    Offered to mechanical engineering cadets engaged in research or thesis projects supervised by the faculty.  Credits may be substituted for appropriate mechanical engineering courses offered in regular session.  Prerequisite:  Permission of department head or faculty or senior thesis adviser.