Rose Mary Sheldon, Ph.D.

Virginia Military Institute 

Department of History  



Cultures and Civilization 

Fall 2012 


Paper Assignment 1 



Write a 3-5 page paper on a person you think contributed to the development of the Roman Republic or Empire 


You may use any website you like, including Wikipedia, but remember you are responsible for the accuracy of the material you use. 


Here are some useful Research Tools: 


Oxford Classical Dictionary, 3rd edition. 


Books you will find useful: 


Smith, William,  Dictionary of Greek and Roman Biography and Mythology 


Scarre, Christopher, Chronicle of the Roman Emperors 


Reflective Paragraph   (due separately September 27th) 


How did doing this paper help you identify a distinctive feature of Roman culture?  What did you learn about the Romans by doing this research?  


Term Paper Instructions

DUE DATE:    Thursday September 13th 

LENGTH: Each paper must be at least three full pages not including title page or bibliography. It may be slightly longer, but under no circumstances should it be less than three pages. 

FORMAT: Typed and double-spaced, 1 inch margins on all sides and justify both margins, please. (If you do not know what this means or don’t know how to do it, please see the professor).  



The paper must include: 

Title page with your name, Professor’s name (COL Sheldon), the date, HI 303X-01, and your Help Received statement, signed. Please note that you may have your paper read only by the professor, by personnel in The Writing Center or by other cadets in my sections.  If you use unauthorized readers you will be docked 5 points. 

Bibliography:  All research materials must be listed in the bibliography. Please use the Chicago Manual of Style format. 


Material taken verbatim from the text must be in quotations, but I prefer you write the paper in your own words. You are expected to use both ancient and modern sources, both books and scholarly articles. 


Be sure all illustrations are given proper citations. 

Late Policy: Any paper handed in after the class deadline will be penalized 10 points for every day of lateness. This includes the day the assignment is due if you do not have the paper ready when I collect them. The clock continues to tick on weekends. If you are traveling for an athletic event, you must hand in the paper before you leave, or arrange to have it handed in by a roommate or fellow cadet. Students handing papers in early may request the opportunity for a re-write to improve their grade, and you will get another chance at a re-write after the paper has been graded.  According to Institute rules, all re-writes are due by the last day of classes.