Dave Livingston, Ph.D., P.E.

Creative Works

  • Paul Kuwick, Thomas Largi, Matthew York, Dennis Crump, David Livingston, and James C. Squire.  "Medical Internet-Aware Refrigerator,"  Patent Pending.
  • S. A. Zahorian, D. L. Livingston and R. A. Pretlow, III, "Passive Fetal Heart Monitoring Apparatus and Method with Enhanced Fetal Heart Beat Discrimination," Patent Number 5 524,631, June 11, 1996.
  • D. L. Livingston, D. J. Sucher and B. M. Walk. "Apparatus and Method for Effecting Dynamic Address Translation in a Microprocessor Implemented Data Processing System." Patent Number: 4,714,993 December 22, 1987.