Kathleen Bulger-Barnett, Ph.D.

Letter of Recommendation Form

Please give me this information at least one month in advance of your deadline. Please email your answers to : Bulger-BarnettKD@vmi.edu

Please answer these questions and email them back to me. I will use your answers to write your letter.

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    • Grad. School/law school
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    • Study Abroad (which program, where and why did you select that program?)
    • Residence Life
    • Honor Society
    • Scholarship for study abroad
  5. What is the deadline for this letter?
  6. Is there a form I need to fill out? Do I have it yet?
  7. Am I supposed to give the letter to you or mail it to the recipient?
  8. To what address do I mail the letter?  Please provide a complete address, including fax number.
  9. Describe the program/job/internship for which you are applying.   If you are applying for study abroad, how will this experience enrich your education?
  10. What are your long term goals?  How will this program help you reach them?
  11. How did you select the location for this program?   What were the factors in deciding  this location over others?
  12. What strengths and skills do you posses that are relevant to this program?
  13. Your overall GPA:
  14. GPA in your major:
  15. Have you ever been suspended from VMI?  If so, why?
  16. Year of graduation:
  17. Major:
  18. Second major:
  19. Minor:
  20. If you are already a graduate of VMI, what have you been doing since graduation? Specify the type of work you are in.
  21. Why have you chosen your selected major?
  22. Courses you've taken with me and grades received for those courses:
  23. What would you like to remind me of concerning your work in these courses?
  24. Remind me of any papers that you have written for me.
  25. Briefly describe any work experience or internships that are relevant to this program/internship/job.
  26. Remind me of items of interest outside of class. Do you   have leadership roles? Do you participate in athletics, or clubs? Do you volunteer?   Do you hold rank?  What do you do with your time outside of class?
  27. While at VMI, have you been (or were you ever) disciplined in any way for offenses relating to gender, race, or ethnicity?  If so, explain.