Kathleen Bulger-Barnett, Ph.D.

SP101 - Elementary Spanish


SP101 - Elementary Spanish


Fall 2014
Professor: Col. K. Bulger-Barnett
Office hours: MWF 1415-1500. Email me in order to schedule an appointment.
Email: Bulger-Barnettkd@vmi.edu 
Office: 428 Scott Shipp Hall
Telephone: 464-7457
Course description:
SP 101 presupposes no previous study of Spanish. The goal of Spanish 101 is to provide the student with an elementary, yet functional knowledge of the Spanish language, based primarily on the present and past tenses. The student will acquire basic skills in vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, composition and reading. The student will incorporate the learned skills through spoken and written Spanish in the classroom, homework assignments, and laboratory work.

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1. Required: Blanco, Jose A..  Adelante Uno.  Vista Higher Learning, 2015.
ISBN 978-1-61857-895-2
2. Recommended (but not required): Spinelli, Emily.  English Grammar for Students of Spanish. 
3. Any Spanish-English dictionary. 
4.  501 Spanish verbs, Christopher Kendris, any edition.


Grading Scale: The grading scale will be as follows:



Grade distribution: 

Written work: 20%
Daily Homework: 25%
2 one-hour examinations:  25%
Final Examination: 30%  


Written work..............................................20% 

Your written work done during the semester will comprise 20% of your final grade. This will include all quizzes.  You may drop two quiz scores at the end of the semester.  Quizzes are noted on the class calendar and cadets are responsible for knowing when they are scheduled.


Make up / late policy: 

Since two quizzes are dropped at the end of the semester, there will not be any make-ups given. If a cadet knows in advance that he/she will be absent the day of an exam or a quiz, he/she is expected to take the exam or quiz early. In cases of guard, most of the time you are able to come to class by switching guard. Otherwise, tell me in advance and I will make arrangements for you to take it early.


Daily Homework and Workbook Exercises………………………25% 

Each student is expected to complete daily homework in full prior to the start of class. Assigned pages will be viewable on the class calendar.  Cadets should complete all exercises on those pages. They should be either typed or written neatly, the date and page number should be included, and the cadet should be ready to hand them in at the start of each class. A grade of 100% will be assigned for completed work, and 0 for incomplete work. At times homework will be collected for a numerical/qualitative grade other than simply “completion”. While daily homework is not certified, if you have worked with another student, a tutor, or any other individual, it should be noted in writing. You may use dictionaries BUT NOT ONLINE TRANSLATORS OR ANY TYPE OF TRANSLATION DEVICE. You may be required to write a brief composition occasionally as a homework grade.

Cadets who are unprepared or without a textbook may be asked to leave class and will take a 0 for that day's homework.


One-hour tests.......................................25% 

There will be two one-hour exams, one covering chapters 1-3 and another on chapters 4-5.

Final Examination.....................................30% 

The final exam will be comprehensive, covering 6 units of the Adelante Uno text and workbook, and any other materials we have covered in class.


Help received clarification: 


Unless the assigned work is certified and specifically for a formal grade, cadets are encouraged to work together. However, FOR YOUR PROTECTION it should be noted in writing at the end of the assignment if help was received, and from whom. Online computer drills are not certified and you have permission to work with others. Since computer drills are of a tutorial nature only and for supplemental practice purposes only and not for a numerical grade per exercise, students may help one another, get tutorial help, or even access the answers. However, note in writing or an email that you have done this.


For helpful documentation regarding  any writing in this course, please see the VMI Official Handbook, Andrea Lunsford’s The Everyday Writer (5th ed.)


Statement on disabilities: VMI abides by Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 which mandate reasonable accommodations are provided for all cadets with documented disabilities. If you have a registered disability and may require some type of instructional and/or examination accommodations, please contact me early in the semester so that I can provide or facilitate provision of accommodations you may need. If you have not already done so, you will need to register with the Office of Disabilities Services, the designated office on Post to provide services for cadets with disabilities. The office is located on the 2nd floor of the VMI Health Center. Please call or stop by the office of LTC Jones, Director of Disabilities Services, for more information, 464-7667 or jonessl10@vmi.edu.”


 Guard duty and absences: Cadets "standing guard" are authorized to miss class.  Those cadets who are simply "on guard" must attend class.  In either case, if an exam or other graded work is scheduled, cadets are expected to arrange a swap of guard duty.

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