Kathleen Bulger-Barnett, Ph.D.

SP322 - Introduction to Hispanic Film

Spring 2004
Instructor: Dr. K. Bulger-Barnett
Telephone: 464-7457
Office: 428 Scott Shipp Hall
Office hours:  By appointment
Email:  Bulger-BarnettKB@vmi.edu 

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Course description: 

In Spanish 322 students view several Spanish and Spanish American films.  Students gain an understanding of Hispanic film directors of great importance such as Carlos Saura, Fernando Trueba, Pedro Almodóvar, Vicente Aranda and Gutierrez Alea, among others.  Students also study the cultural background of the films viewed and converse/write in Spanish.

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Course goals:

  1. View several films in Spanish with English subtitles (a few may not have subtitles).
  2. Research directors, actors, and socio-political/historical framework of films.
  3. Improve comprehension/expression of written and aural/oral Spanish.
  4. Improve use of library resources and those of the World Wide Web.
  5. Create a film website


  1. Cinema for Spanish Conversation. Mary Mcvey Hill, Deanna Smalley, María-Paz Haro. Focus Publishing/R. PullinsCo. Newburyport, MA , 2002, ISBN 1-58510-047-1
  2. Any GOOD Spanish/English-English/Spanish dictionary.

Grading Scale: The grading scale will be as follows:


Grade distribution:

Classroom contribution...................20%

Language acquisition is an active skill rather than a passive one. You must learn to actively speak instead of responding only when prompted. On a daily basis I will evaluate your spoken contribution to the class.  In particular, I am grading you on preparedness of book assignments, pronunciation, quality, and accuracy of your expression.  I am also most interested in your incorporation into classroom discussions of more native, sophisticated expression as well as of new vocabulary from our text.  All films are to be viewed prior to their discussion in class. Students who have not viewed the films will be asked to leave and receive a 0 for the day.

Independent Project....…................20%

Each student will present a website in Spanish with information on directors, actors, cultural background, links to film reviews and your own review of at least one film not seen in class. I will provide instruction on FrontPage and students may submit drafts for help with editing.  You are permitted and encouraged to use to use the MS Word Spanish grammar/spelling check. Students are permitted to use Microsoft Word Spanish spell check/grammar check as well as ATAJO. Online dictionaries (not translators) are allowed. Automatic and/or online translators are prohibited.

Mid-term examination....................30%

Final Examination...........................30%

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