Kathleen Bulger-Barnett, Ph.D.

SP305W - Survey of Hispanic Literature

Fall 2003
Profesora: COL K. Bulger-Barnett
Oficina: 428 Scott Shipp Hall
Horas de despacho: Citas. Please email  for appointment.
Teléfono: 464-7457
Email: Bulger-BarnettKD@vmi.edu 


Course description: 

Spanish 305 is designed to introduce the post intermediate student to major authors and genres of 20th century Hispanic literature. This course emphasizes the refinement of previously acquired language skills such as speaking and writing and places additional emphasis on reading literary texts for practicality and writing across the curriculum. This course is viewed as an introduction to Hispanic texts.

Course goals--The goals of this course are for each student to:

  1. reach a level of sophisticated expression in written and oral Spanish
  2. broaden vocabulary and grammar
  3. improve pronunciation
  4. improve listening skills through exposure to the language in and out of the classroom
  5. utilize correct grammar, syntax and a choice of words in a style appropriate for composition
  6. read, discuss, and write about short pieces of 20th century fiction and web materials in Spanish
  7. Create a web portfolio

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A good Spanish-English dictionary (Recommended Larousse)

Grading scale: The grading scale will be as follows:


Grade Distribution: 

Your grade will be based on  1 one hour examination (20%); classroom comments (10%)2 compositions (30%), a web portfolio (10%), and final examination (30%).

1 one-hour examination............................. (20%)
You will have 1 one-hour examinations, the date of which will be announced on the class calendar.

Classroom comments................. (10%) 
You must make comments in class in Spanish. This is necessary for you to improve your foreign language skills, as well as for others to hear as much Spanish as possible. 

2 compositions................................ (30%)
I will ask you to react to certain fictional writings in the form of a composition. You will do two of  these and I will specify topics and dates at a later time.  No help from another person whatsoever is permitted. No help from internet or automatic translators is permitted.  Each composition should be at least 2-4 typed pages. Additional, shorter compositions may be assigned as well, in addition to these two. Students are permitted to use Microsoft Word Spanish spell check/grammar check as well as ATAJO. Online dictionaries (not translators) are allowed. 

Composition defined: an original essay of 18-23 typed lines per page, of original material, written for the purpose of practicing grammar and rhetoric.

I assign three types of essays. First I assign response essays in which the student reacts to a piece of fiction. (This is usually a two page composition). Second, after introducing the students to a new author and his/her literary traits I have the students write an essay discussing the author and his/her style and detailing how a piece of fiction reflects this author's characteristics. (This is a four page composition). Third, I assign an essay which helps the students bring closure to the course by writing their own literary history of what they have learned through the semester such as life and traits of authors, what they wrote, and their influences. ( A four page composition). Occasionally I also have students write shorter compositions comparing a few authors, as well as explicating a text, or even comparing a text to a film. (Each of these is a three page composition). Each composition must be revised at least once for grammar and once for style.

Web portfolio.......................10% Each student will compose a web journal on a specific topic of interest, for example an author not covered in class. This should not simply be a gateway page with links. Rather, you are responsible for researching your topic, writing a journal on this topic, and updating your website regularly with pertinent links. The journal will be in Spanish and I will help monitor it for grammatical accuracy. Among other writings, you may import portions of your corrected essays into your website. I will provide instruction on  composing websites.

Final examination ...................................(30%)

Cadet/Faculty Responsibility on Work for Grade 
Click here for Modern Language Dept. policies on work for Grade 

Bulger-Barnett's helped received clarification: Unless the work assigned is certified and specifically for a grade, you are encouraged to work together. For example, please read together, share dictionary work and any grammar review exercises assigned. At the end of the assignment, please cite the name(s) of cadets with whom you are working. No help from another person whatsoever is permitted on compositions. Cite all items used. 

Modern Language Department policy stipulates that a cadet may leave the classroom during class ONLY in cases of emergency.  Students who come to class unprepared and/or without the text used for that day will be asked to leave resulting in a grade of zero for that day.