Donald R. Sunnen, Ph.D.

GR101 - Elementary German

Col. Donald R. Sunnen

Section 1 - MWF 0900-0950

Section 2 - MWF 1000-1050

Both sections meet in SS 316

Office:  422 Scott Shipp Hall
Office Hours:  Tues., Thurs. 8-9:15 and 1-3; MWF by appt. 
Office Phone:  464-7360
Department Phone:  464-7241


To become familiar with enough German vocabulary and grammar (through listening and reading) to use the language actively (speaking and writing) in a selection of real-life situations. The focus of the class is on using German as natives do in everyday life with special attention given to placing activities and information in a cultural context, which changes with each chapter in the text.


DiDonato, Clyde, Vasant, Deutsch na klar!, 6th edition (McGraw-Hill 2012)

Additional Materials: 

Resources and Links from Colonel Sunnen's webpage. 

A Selection of online dictionaries (please consult the Work for Grade statement concerning these and other electronic aids)

Grammar Handouts

"Four Friends" Dialogues


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