Donald R. Sunnen, Ph.D.

German 420W - Advanced German Grammar

Spring 2013 - Revised 14 Feb 2013
Meets:  1050 TR in 111 Scott Shipp Hall
Col. Sunnen's Office:  422 Scott Shipp Hall
Office Hours:  TR 0800-0915 and 1300-1500; MWF by appointment
Office Phone:  464-7360
Department Phone:  464-7241

The goal of this course is to make you think like teachers - What is the most effective way to present the essential grammar topics?  We will focus on an unpublished work by my late colleague Siegfried Weing, his German Grammar In Review.  Attention will be given to editing the grammar text in order to bring it up to date and contextualize the featured grammar points; students will also have the opportunity to plan 15-minute lessons and present them to the class.

Team 1:  Bruno, Wisnowski ("Brunowski") Weing chapters 5-10

Team 2:  Montgomery, McFetridge ("Monty Mac") Weing chapters 11-16

Team 3:  Zech, Meidenbauer ("Zechenbauer") Weing chapters 17-22

Division of work:

a) proofreading of text and addition of visual aids (photos etc.)

b) writing of practice sentences / dialogue

c) teaching to class - written lesson plans will be distributed to the class