Mohamed Taifi, Ph.D.

Presentations & Papers

The Position of the French Language in the Southern Countries (particularly Morocco and Senegal): 23ième Biennale de la langue française, Sofia, Bulgaria, October-November 2009

Amazigh Culture and the Modern World: Presentation on the anniversary of the founding of IRCAM (Institut Royal de la Culture Amazigh), Rabat, Morocco, October 2009

Amazigh Literature:  The Expression of an Authentic Culture: Tarik Ibn Zyad Center, Midelt, Morocco, July 2009

Globalization and the Role of Young People in Africa: By Invitation of the Secretary-General of UNESCO, Dakar, Senegal, March 2009

Immigration from Morocco to the USA: University of Béni-Mellal Morocco, August 2008

Saving Historical facts through literary production: Tarik Ibn Zyad Center. Midelt Morocco, July 2008

The Role of Maghrebis In Developing Francophone literature:  University of Tunisia 2008

Displacement in Amazigh Literature: Association Fès–Saiss, Morocco, July 2007

Francophonie et Cultures du Sud: Paris, France, 2007

Bigaro Diop and Léopold  Sédar Senghor: Literature and Art: Indiana University, USA.  March 29-30, 2007 

La littérature Amazigh face à la Modernité: Tarik Ibn Zyad Center, Midelt, Morocco, 2007

Au-delà des Frontières: APALQA University de Moncton Campus d’Edmundston, New Brunshvick, Canada, October 2006 

For a Renaissance of National Languages:  (Royal Institute of Amazigh Culture IRCAM) Rabat, 2005 

On the Difficulty of Conveying Culture Through the African Novel:  Saint Joseph University, Kaslik, Lebanon, September 2003 

Arabo-Francophonie: A Project or Reality: Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie, Beiruth, Lebanon, 2001 

Reading Africa through the African literature:  Dartmouth College, USA, August 2000 

Identity and Desire of the other:  Moulay Ismael University Meknes, Morocco, 2000

Cheick Hamidou Kane - L’Humaniste Africain: University of Saint Louis, Sénégal, 1998 

La Francophonie et les Pays du Sud:   La Suisse et la Francophonie, Neutchatel, Suisse, 1997 

La Langue Française et les Pays de l’Est: Congrès de la Biennale de la Langue Française, Bucarest, Roumanie, 1995 

L’Importance des Mots dans la Culture Africaine: Congrès de La biennale de la langue française, Avignon France, 1993 

La Culture Marocaine à travers la Création Artistique:  Centre Franco–Italien Vénise  Italie, 1990Travailler en Français :  Congres de la Biennale de la langue Française. Québec Canada 1989