Grocery Store

Grocery store List the vegetables and fruits in a local grocery and determine their continent/country of origin. What do our stores reveal about our ethnic and historical pasts? Divide these various fruits and vegetables into their proper vegetative kinds [grains, fruits, roots, etc]. What kinds of vegetable matter attract humans? What parts of what plants do we consume? Which do we consume raw? Cooked? Account for the difference.

Take a world map and locate those areas from which we draw our food. Compare these areas to the ethnic makeup of the US; do these two correlate? For those areas NOT important in our diet -- what do people there eat? Why don't we eat these foods? Are any available in specialty stores here or elsewhere?

Compare the Healthy Foods Coop's vegetative stock to Kroger's or Harris Teeter's and account for the differences.

Sprout a carrot, potato, bean, coffee bean or citrus seed for fun.