Milkweed Ecology

Locate a patch of milkweed and observe the various insects dining there. How many of those Peterson describes can you find? What others do you find [take an insect guide with you to identify them]? How many different activities can you see [feeding, courting, mating, stalking, eating, etc]?

Research the natural range of milkweed and compare it to the monarch's range. Do they in fact coincide?

Read Peterson on mimicry [236-47]. Can you find other examples of:

Mullerian mimicry -- where unpalatable species resemble each other. What are the warning colors/patterns/shapes that you observe?
Batesian mimicry -- where palatable species resemble unpalatable species?

CAREFULLY watch goldenrod, dogbane, milkweed, or other flower clusters [or make your own wioth a hummingbird feeder]. Can you recognize mimics of the yellowjacket, flies and beetles and wasps that resemble the aggresive yellowjacket? DON'T GET STUNG!