"For the safety and well being..."

The potential for a deadly pandemic of avian flu has set governments, communities, and organizations to planning for how they will deal with large number of illnesses. VMI is no exception. The Institute has been actively planning the actions it will take if a pandemic illness strikes. The No. 1 priority in all planning has been the safety and well being of cadets, faculty, and staff.

The VMI Pandemic Plan organizes the resources of the Institute to prepare for a pandemic and prescribes criteria for actions that will be taken if a pandemic illness emerges and spreads around the world.

This site provides current information about avian influenza, swine flu and pandemic flu, preparations for such an event at VMI, and links to other Web resources.  Consult this site for updates on Institute policies regarding avian and pandemic influenza, including infection control guidelines and procedures, preventing the spread of disease and medical follow-up of symptoms.