Planning is ongoing

The Superintendent and the administration of VMI recognize the potential seriousness of a pandemic flu outbreak and are taking significant steps to prepare specific pandemic flu response procedures.  The planning is on-going and involves critical personnel and departments throughout Post including the Post Surgeon, Office of the Dean, Physical Plant, Information Technology, Office of the Commandant , Human Resources, and Food Services.

The VMI Pandemic Planning Team, coordinated by Col. Jim Joyner, director of auxiliary services, includes Dr. David Copeland, post surgeon, and Lt. Col. Amie Manis, director of cadet development and counseling, as well as representatives from other departments across the Post. The team meets regularly to review the pandemic strategic planning calendar. 

VMI is consulting various resources and references for pandemic planning.  Federal and state guidance has been used in the planning process. Relationships have been established with local governments; the Central Shenandoah Health District, part of the Virginia Department of Health; Washington & Lee University; and other agencies.