Steps VMI is taking

Among steps that VMI is taking to prepare for a pandemic are:

  • Coordinating with state and local health and emergency management agencies.
  • Identifying legal authorities and decision makers at all governmental levels, trigger points, and thresholds to Institute community containment measures.
  • Incorporating scenarios into a plan based on pandemic phases and various levels of illness.
  • Ensuring that on-Post health care providers are prepared to respond by providing on-going education about avian influenza, affirming emergency protocols, and having medical supplies and equipment readily available.
  • Identifying essential responsibilities, chains of command, and response actions relevant to a pandemic event on Post.  Key decision points are being developed to guide the executive leadership who may have to make decisions about curtailing public events or suspending classes.
  • Identifying essential functions and key personnel for the Institute's continued functioning during a pandemic event.  We are developing alternative procedures to assure continuity of instruction (e.g., web-based distance instruction, telephone trees, mailed lessons/assignments, etc.).
  • Developing procedures and plans to support international, out-of-state and other cadets, including ill cadets, who may have to remain on Post if classes are suspended.
  • Implementing effective internal and external communication strategies, including this website, which will be regularly updated with accurate and timely information.