Photo Credits

Most photos used on this site are public domain provided by CDC (
  Researcher in Influenza Branch of CDC, credit: CDC/ Taronna Maines
  1918 Spanish Flu, credit: CDC/ Dr. Terrence Tumpey/ Cynthia Goldsmith
  H5NI Viron, credit: CDC/ Cynthia Goldsmith/ Jackie Katz
  Researcher studying re-construction of 1918 Spanish Flu, credit CDC
  Masked medical personnel giving treatment to an influenza patient, circa autumn 1918. U.S. Naval Historical Center Photograph
  Report on staffing crisis at military depot in Philadelphia, October 8, 1918. Office of the Quartermaster General. The flu was highly contagious and spread rapidly, as documented in a military report notifying the Office Quartermaster General in Washington D.C., of a staffing crisis. The report notes 11 officers and 1,489 employees "absent today," with the situation not improving. Record held at: National Archives-Mid Atlantic Region (Philadelphia). Record Group 92.