Anne Alerding, Ph.D.

Recent Publications     *Denotes Cadet Co-Author

  1. Alerding, A.B. and *R.M. Hunter “Increased springtail abundance in a garlic mustard invaded forest,” accepted by Northeastern Naturalist in October 2012. 
  2. *Waalkes, M.R. and A.B. Alerding. 2011. Possible chemical attractant to white tail deer in Campanulastrum americanum. New Horizons: VMI Journal of Undergraduate Writing 5:79-88.
  3. Alerding, A.B. Garlic mustard: friend or foe? Virginia Native Plant Society Upper James River Chapter Newsletter, Spring 2011, pp. 3-5.
  4. Owens, D.K., A.B. Alerding, K.C. Crosby, A.B. Bandara, J.H. Westwood, and B.S.J. Winkel. 2008. Functional analysis of a predicted flavonol synthase gene family in Arabidopsis. Plant Physiology 147:1046-1061.