According to the Ministry data , the first seven months of last year , a loss of garment enterprises above designated size reached 17. Wholesale Cheap Reporter : What is the copy price fear ?Zhang Ping : fear copied to the buyer s data is not accurate , something you do not provide accurate , the buyer does not make money, certainly not talk to you cooperate.It is estimated that the country has a population of 200 million migrant workers , in order to stabilize relatively cheap labor in more affluent areas of cities and factories, construction sites as the construction and production work.Reporters learned from the China Textile Import and Export Chamber of Commerce , according to WTO statistics , in 2001 China s textile and garment exports accounted for 15.

"Most companies do not depend on the selling price to pull profits. in recent years, fans Xi Shi accept the NEWLOOK, GUESS, FOREVER21 other international big time again rigorous , demanding after the review , as their quality suppliers.No valid certificate , manufacturers and operators are not at liberty to promote " world famous .

The fashion guru has always been superior, through cooperation with the sports brand , but also to the sword easy road and intended to influence the public ." Zhejiang strong advantage in this regard , Ali will be more in-depth cooperation with traditional markets .3 percentage points, the losses of loss-making enterprises increased 109. MADEINCHINA While sweeping the globe , bringing the apparel industry brand recognition is not just cheap labels only.LI Gui-lan said that the heads of state and now the Lord to do high value-added products , cost reduction ratio of cotton yarn .Kanebo To achieve the " five-year plan " in the fast -growing Chinese cosmetics market , no doubt face more severe competition.

" These changes are a rational regression , is to optimize a structure , which is to maintain a steady growth in consumption has a very important role . Where too buy the thought out , " At the time, chief strategy officer of Alibaba Shuai also being entangled , Ma gave him a phone call : " cat how " Shuai replied:" ? Haha , good , " Zhang Yong , president of Lynx also ! great interest in this name , after discussion Shuai asked: " Lynx , are you sure ? " Zhang Yong is clearly identified , or what the president when he ah.But cotton is jumping up and down , do not let their nerves a little slack ; export tax rebates rumors , leaving them on pins and needles .7% of the public believes "ahead , innovation " is the fashion ; there are a lot of people think that to choose their favorite fashion and so on.In high-cost era, companies need to think about how to go its own way , branding and design to seize the high ground in both research and development to improve the industrial chain , the formation of mature and complete technical capability and industrial systems .

Of course , the apparel industry and other industries are not the same , it is easy to over- season clothing , it is difficult to achieve in other industries "zero inventory" , because of this , inventory is the biggest problem garment enterprises , if the solution is not good cash flow easily crushed . Where too buy Department of Commerce: 2013 Year -end retail sales fell significantly for mass consumption will rise significantlyClothing entrepreneur troubles, Dalian garment industry is not easy to shift, originally mainly to foreign trade , the company recently registered another textile brand , and gradually shift to the domestic market, thereby avoid exchange rate risk .At the time, he was on the production , packaging, marketing , logistics and sales absolutely no concept.