Center for Leadership and Ethics

The Center’s mission is to advance the understanding, practice, and integration of leadership and character development at the Institute and to share insights gleaned from the VMI programs with a broader national audience.

The Center enhances VMI’s system of leadership training by offering cadet programming focused on leadership, ethics, and character development, and a robust schedule of conferences on challenging topics of national and international interest. Additionally, faculty and staff may attend professional leadership development workshops offered at the Center.

The Center for Leadership and Ethics is supported in part by the Jackson-Hope Fund.

Cadet Programs

The Center for Leadership and Ethics provides programs that focus on realizing the full potential of the leadership and character development experiences available to the Corps of Cadets at the Institute.


Conferences & Symposia

The Center for Leadership and Ethics is host to several conferences each year, with its staff assisting VMI departments in developing and offering relevant, dynamic events on a variety of topics.