Regulations and Policies


Establishment, Organization, Operations and Regulations

Overarching Regulations


Faculty, Staff, Classified Employees

A detailed organizational framework of the Institute below the executive level, including responsibilities and authorities of designated key positions, is outlined in detail in "regulations for Virginia Military Institute: Part I." 

The general outline for the structure of the Office of the Commandant is outlined in "Regulations for Virginia Military Institute: Part I." 

Regulations Part I



Guidance and instructions for the internal organization, administration and military instruction of the Corps of Cadets are outlined in "Regulations for Virginia Military Institute: Part II."

Regulations Part II


Academic Regulations

The Deputy Superintendent for Academics and Dean of the Faculty is responsible for publishing detailed guidance concerning all aspects fo academics matters. Detailed guidance is contained in "Regulations for Virginia Military Institute: Part IV: Academic Regulations". This includes information on academic advising, delinquency, probation, recognition and honors; admissions requirements, majors, class attendance, examinations and grading, honors credit, withdrawals, and Work for Grad policies. Additional information concerning summer programs is outlined in the "VMI Summer Session Catalogue". Detailed information concerning all aspects of VMI course offerings and academic requirements is provided annually in the "VMI Catalogue."

Academic Regulations


Athletic Regulations

The Director of Intercollegiate Athletics is responsible for publishing detailed guidance concerning all aspects of athletic matters in "Regulations for Virginia Military Institute: Part V: Athletic Regulations." This includes information on NCAA seasonal requirements, athletic department goals, the VMI Athletic Council, eligibility and suspension, authorized team strengths, competitions and seasons, accountability, special responsibilities, and athletic awards. Additional guidance is provided in the "Atheltic Department Staff Manual" and the "Cadet Athlete Handbook."

Athletic Regulations