VMI offers proactive and innovative programs of academic support for cadets at all levels.

Faculty and staff are available to guide cadets along their academic path and provide opportunities to prepare for and explore their future options, whether those be graduate school, employment in the public and private sectors, or military service. From class selection to tutoring services to career fairs, the Institute works to meet cadets at their level and help them achieve and excel in all aspects of life at the Institute.

Explore Cadet Resources:

 Registrar - VMI staff members are ready to assist cadets, faculty, and alumni with:Students studying at VMI, a military college in Virginia

  • Academic records management
  • Course scheduling and registration
  • Degree certification and diploma processing
  • Grading and evaluations
  • Transcript processing

Career Services - Resources and information are readily available to help cadets to focus on:

  • Career planning and resume preparation
  • Preparing for and attending career fairs and interviews
  • Identifying and securing job experiences and internships
  • Employment or graduate education opportunities

Miller Academic Center - Focusing on the goal of academic success of the entire Corps, the MAC offers:

  • Academic success workshops
  • Group study sessions
  • Support for cadets in all academic majors
  • Assistance to those cadets wishing to switch majors 

Math Resource Center - The Mathematics Education and Resource Center (MERC) is a free service available to support cadets in their math studies. Services include:

  • Course-specific tutoring
  • Open math lab hours
  • One-on-One appointments

Writing Center - While adhering to the Honor Code and Work-for-Grade policy, the Writing Center offers a variety of services to cadets, including:

  • Professional and peer writing consultation
  • One-on-one writing process conferences
  • Assistance on writing papers — from planning to polishing the final draft

Disabilities Services - ODS is committed to meeting ethical and legal responsibilities to ensure equitable educational access to cadets with documented disabilities.

  • Supports academic success, personal growth, and development of life and leadership skills for cadets.
  • Promotes self-awareness, self-determination, and self-advocacy.
  • ODS also serves as a resource to the VMI community to encourage awareness and understanding regarding disabilities issues in higher education.


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