Daily Life

Living together in barracks throughout cadetship is very different from other colleges.

Barracks rooms are furnished sparingly, with three, four, five or six cadets sharing a room. They have equal responsibility for keeping the room clean and in order for daily inspection.

Personal items authorized in cadet rooms vary by class. For example, only first-class cadets may keep civilian clothes in their rooms. New cadets until the completion of the Ratline may not keep electrical equipment, such as razors, radios, and video game systems. 

24/7 Military Life

The military system characterizes and distinguishes life at VMI. By placing all cadets on a uniform plane, it enables them to advance through self-reliance, initiative, and strength of character.

The combination of military and academic training constitutes a strenuous program requiring diligent application and conscientious attention to both academic and military duties. 

The characteristic dependability of a VMI graduate results from life within this framework of authority and responsibility.

VMI Bookstore

The VMI Bookstore is in the lower level of Lejeune Hall, with textbooks for purchase or rental; computers and computer accessories; cadet essentials, such as hydration systems, shower shoes, shoe, and brass polish, and health and beauty items; and VMI gear, clothing, and apparel. Parents and alumni can shop for seasonal gear, graduation items, and more at shopvmi.com and have orders shipped or request items for in-store pickup.