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VMI boasts the largest ROTC program in the country where each year approximately 800 cadets enroll in Army ROTC and the Blue Ridge Battalion commissions more officers than any ROTC program in the nation.

As part of ROTC programming, upper-class Army cadets serve as leaders in the battalion at all levels and organize major training events such as spring and fall Field Training Exercises. All cadets start at the lower ranks and work their way up to the top through dedication, hard work, and perseverance.

The VMI system is designed to prepare qualified cadets for a military commission upon graduation, but even for those who choose not to commission, their involvement in Army ROTC helps them develop skills leading to success in all fields.

Cadets who select the Army ROTC program and intend to commission have the opportunity to attend training programs including Cadet Troop Leadership Training, where they serve in lieutenant-level positions with an active duty unit; the Cultural Understanding and Language Proficiency program, which provides cadets with the language and cultural skills to perform in global operations; and others, such as Airborne, Air Assault, Combat Diver, Mountain Warfare, or Northern Warfare.

VMI partners with other schools in the Lexington area for its Army ROTC program:

  • Mary Baldwin College
  • Southern Virginia University
  • Washington and Lee University

Army ROTC can help you afford your degree.

For those planning on commissioning upon graduation, ROTC scholarships and other financial support opportunities are available.

Scholarship Options:

  • National four- & three-year scholarships available out of high school. Application window opens mid-June for students entering their senior year of high school.
  • Campus-based scholarships available (three-year, two and 1/2 year, and two-year).
  • 100% of tuition and fees (in and out of state) or room and board + $1200 annual book allowance + $910 annual uniform allowance +$420 monthly stipend.

Learn more about these opportunities and requirements from the U.S. Army.

Frequently Asked Questions

VMI Army ROTC is unique in its success rate of commissioning more officers than any other ROTC program in the United States. By joining the Blue Ridge Battalion, you are joining a unit dedicated to excellence and achievement, with strong faculty and cadet leadership. As a senior military college, VMI’s ROTC program can provide military training at a higher level than programs at civilian colleges and universities, and the 24-7 military nature of VMI provides leadership training and a path to excellence across all facets of the college experience.

During the first two years of the program, ROTC cadets have no military obligation (or the first year in the case of scholarship recipients).

ROTC scholarships are awarded on merit exhibited in academic achievement, and extracurricular activities.

The combination of academic and practical course work offered in the Army ROTC program enables students to sharpen both mind and body while pursuing such timeless ideals as discipline, honor, and respect. This preparation and development of leadership skills is beneficial in military and civilian careers.

Blue Ridge Battalion News

Learn about the daily life, endeavors, and successes of Army ROTC cadets at VMI in recent news and featured stories.

VMI cadets receive award plaques at an Army ROTC pistol competition.

Taking Aim: Cadets Bring Home Honors From ROTC Pistol Championship

Members of VMI's Army ROTC Ranger Challenge and Combat Shooting Team recently attended the 2023 College Clash Shoot Out competition hosted by the Virginia National Guard’s Marksmanship Training Unit, with four cadets nabbing top marks.

Students commissioning into the six military branches at VMI, a military college in Virginia.

VMI Commissions New Officers: History Made as They Enter Six Military Branches

Approximately 170 Virginia Military Institute cadets, commissioned into the armed services in Cameron Hall Monday, May 15 in the annual Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) Joint Commissioning Ceremony. The historic day marked the first time VMI cadets were sworn in to all six branches.





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