Compliance Certification

The Compliance Certification is a lengthy, time-consuming process that involves demonstrating compliance with components of the Principles of Accreditation: Core Requirements (n = 13), Comprehensive Standards (n = 68), and Federal Requirements (n = 11). (Note that most, but not all of the Comprehensive Standards apply to VMI, e.g.,, Distance Learning). The Certification will be submitted in March, 2016.

Completion of the Compliance Certification requires three actions by the institution for each of the standards in the Principles of Accreditation: (1) determining the level of compliance, (2) attaching documentation that supports the level of compliance indicated, and (3) developing a narrative that summarizes, links, and interprets the documentation as it builds a case in support of the level of compliance indicated.

The Compliance Certification Committee is chaired by Col. Troy Siemers.