Completing the Evaluations

Cadets’ participation in course evaluations is necessary and expected. Not participating in course evaluations lowers response rates, which can diminish confidence in results.

Faculty are expected to provide time in-class for cadets to complete the evaluations, but the evaluations may be completed anytime the evaluation window is open.

Cadets will receive an email from Donna Young, Office Manager, Office of Assessment and Institutional Research (, letting them know when course evaluations are open.

  • Use the link within the email to log into EvaluationKIT
    • Username = same name you use to access email
    • Password = same password you use to access Canvas
      • Sometimes this is different than your email password
    • Complete an evaluation for each course listed
    • Press Submit

Frequently Asked Questions

Your feedback is used to identify strengths and weaknesses of the teaching and learning experience. Often, the information provides insight for areas of improvement, which may include teaching methods or course materials.

Faculty are encouraged to use comments and data submitted on the course evaluations to evaluate instructional quality or modify their curriculum, syllabi, etc.  The information may be used for annual reviews or annual performance evaluations.

Yes. A system generated ID number is assigned to each cadet. EvaluationKIT uses your login information to determine which courses you should evaluate and to track whether or not your evaluations have been submitted.  No personally identifying information is attached to your responses.

No. The data from course evaluations is not available to instructors, departments, or the Dean’s Office until all grades have been submitted to the Registrar’s Office. Instructors may monitor the percentage of cadets who complete the course evaluations, but they cannot identify which cadets have completed them.

Courses with an enrollment of less than 4 cadets will not be evaluated.  ROTC courses are evaluated separately by ROTC instructors and are not included in EvaluationKit.

Please email Donna Young ( with the course number and section and she will work with you, and potentially others (the IT Help Desk, EvaluationKIT, and the VMI Canvas Administrator), to troubleshoot the issue.

You will be asked to answer the same questions for both instructors.  Please pay close attention to which instructor you are evaluating.

You may contact Donna Young, Office Manager, Office of Assessment and Institutional Research, via email at with any questions.