Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable handles all disbursements, state and local, made on behalf of the Institute. This includes the Master Card small purchase and travel charge cards.

Disbursement policies and procedures are located in Section 45000 of the Colleague Finance Departmental Manual.

The accounts payable Office is responsible for disbursements, state and local, made on behalf of the Institute. This includes the small purchase and travel charge cards.


Small Purchase Charge Card  

What do I send to Accounts Payable each month?

  • copy of the charge card statement
  • Small Purchase Charge Card Cover Sheet
  • Small Purchase Charge Card Purchase Log

How do I prepare the cover sheet and log? An Access program has been developed to assist with maintaining the log and preparing the cover sheet each month. For additional information contact the Comptrollers Office.

When is my cover sheet and log due to the Comptrollers Office?
The cover sheet, log, and copy of the statement should be sent by the 1st of each month. If you have not received your statement, please call the telephone number from a previous charge card statement or contact the Comptrollers Office and ask for a copy.

Who needs to sign on the small purchase charge card cover sheet?
The cover sheet must be signed by the cardholder and the department head or approved supervisor.

Invoice Processing 

 What must be done to get an invoice paid?
Complete a Receiving Report/Request for Disbursement form. Send this along with the invoice to Comptrollers Office within ten days of receipt of goods/services.

What information should be on Receiving Report/Request for Disbursement?

  • Date
  • Vender Invoice No.
  • Fed ID # or SSN
  • T#0000, PO#000000, or Contract No. 211-
  • Vendor Name – Payable To
  • Address – Remittance Address
  • Description-A brief description of items or services
  • Total Amount of Invoice
  • Account Number
  • Receiving date of items or services – Date goods services were received.
  • Receiving Signature and Approval Signature
  • Original invoice should be attached.

Can you put more than one invoice on a receiving report?
Yes, but ONLY if the due dates are the same.

How is the due date determined?
Due date is the later of date goods/services were received or the date the invoice was received.


If you have questions concerning accounts payable contact