Physical Plant

The Virginia Military Institute Physical Plant is dedicated to excellence in providing customer service. The appearance and conditions of the VMI post and facilities are a personal statement to our commitment to excellence.

Our Recycling Program

VMI Physical Plant strives to provide materials and services to increase participation in recycling across Post. As VMI grows, recycling remains a cost-effective way to manage our environmental footprint and keep usable resources in local manufacturing systems, rather than our local landfill. In five out of the past six years, VMI sent over 500 tons of waste to the landfill. Our goals are to keep that number down, and quantify the recyclables we divert.

Physical Plant personnel carry out daily recycling collections, as well as general coordination of recycling activities and program development. Most buildings on Post have dedicated recycling stations. Cadet Assistants handle recycling in Barracks and at special events. Each member of the VMI community plays an important role in recycling every day. Use the information on these pages to learn more!

Recycling at VMI is an evolving program. Physical Plant encourages all comments, suggestions, and questions at

Reserve VMI Facilities

Some VMI buildings and facilities are available to be used for private events such as weddings and other gatherings. Contact us to for more information.

Facility Use Request